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1 a person who romps or frolics
2 a one-piece garment for children to wear at play; the lower part is shaped like bloomers [syn: rompers, romper suit]

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romper (plural rompers)
  1. someone who romps or frolics
  2. a ship that has moved far ahead of a convoy; see also straggler



Latin rumpere


  1. to break

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A romper suit is a one-piece garment worn by children and sometimes women. Somewhat similar to a coverall, it is loose fitting and usually has shorter legs that may be gathered at the end.
Rompers appeared in the 1910s. Their popularity peaked in the 1950s when they were used by children as playwear and by women as leisure- and beachwear. Thereafter the garment has continued to be used by infants and toddlers; however, it has become less common among older girls and women, although never disappearing entirely. Since 2006 rompers have enjoyed a minor renaissance as a fashionable garment for women. Several designers have presented collections including romper suits and they are offered by many retailers.
Rompers were in many ways the first modern casual clothes for children. They were light and loose fitting, a major change from the much more restricive clothing children wore during the 19th Century Victorian era.
In more recent years a romper can mean a one piece bathing suit or clubwear fashion, often exposing much of the body.


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